Cheese & Charcuterie Selections

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Cured Pepperoni

A rich blend of pork, beef, and spices cured according to traditional methods and packed with robust flavor.

Uncured Sopressata

A timeless Italian classic with hand trimmed pork and traditional seasoning. Dry cured and naturally aged to achieve a bold rich taste.

Superiore Uncured Chorizo

Crafted in small batches with spices that capture the flavors of Barcelona and the surrounding Catalan region, Superiore Uncured Chorizo combines rich spices and smoked paprika with the pork during the curing process giving Superiore Chorizo its clean, pleasant flavor.

Salami with White Wine

A Mediterranean classic made with a savory blend of all natural ingredients and white wine to create a rich, mild flavor. No preservatives, no nitrite or nitrate added, except for the naturally occurring nitrite in sea salt and celery powder and gluten free.


Creamy Gorgonzola

Italian style cheese made with raw milk for a creamy texture and complex flavor, Aged 90 days.

Spring Truffle Pecorino

Crafted with milk sourced from Tuscany, this firm cheese is studded with truffles foraged in springtime from the rolling hills of Italy's Umbria region and then aged to perfection. Lending to a slightly sharp cheese with an earthy, pungent truffle flavor.

Aged Manchego

With a firm, slightly granular consistency and complex flavor that evokes Spain’s windswept La Mancha region. A flavorful cheese that is crafted in the Old-World style from sheep’s milk and aged 12 months.

Smoked Gruyere

Imported from Germany, this classic Alpine style cheese has a nuanced, nutty flavor that is enhanced by a natural smoking process that imparts subtle woody notes.  This cheese has an exceptional creamy texture.

Creamy Blue Cheese

A younger blue that is less pungent and more nuanced than traditional varieties with an extra creamy texture, complex flavor, and clean finish.

Parmigiano Reggiano

An old world classic aged for 24+ months. Distinctly sharp and full bodied this cheese is known as the King of Cheeses. Firm crumbly texture with an incredibly rich taste.

28 Months Aged Gouda

Rich, complex, sweet, salty, and sharp notes with a hint of butterscotch. Imported from Holland and aged 28 months.

Aged Asiago

Aged over 6 months to achieve a robust, nutty flavor with just a hint of sharpness. Boar's Head Asiago Cheese has a texture that is firm yet creamy in the Northern Italian style.

Double Cream French Brie

A double crème cheese with a soft, creamy texture that is luxuriously fresh with a mild flavor. Made by a small producer in France's Lorraine region in the traditional manner and slowly ripened in cellars to achieve its distinctive soft rind.

Aged Canadian Cheddar

Aged for more than 1000 days this cheddar is distinctly sharp and is sure to appeal to the cheese aficionado.